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Welcome ! This website invites you back in time- To the year 1622. Authentic designs have been
crafted using actual Atocha treasure bullion lost beneath the ocean for 363 years.

ANNOUNCING: - World exclusive- The first and only line of authentic Treasure Jewelry hand cast using BOTH Atocha
shipwreck Silver AND Atocha shipwreck Copper. TREASURE SAILS, INC., in collaboration with award winning foundry,
world renown silversmiths and U.S. master coppersmith presents: THE GHOST GALLEON COLLECTION. The various
steps in the process are performed separately by artisans who are the best in their field. The look, feel, fit and finish shout
"TREASURE" Now your gift from the year 1622. The time consuming and difficult coordination of separate craftsmen at
different locations perhaps explains why a project such as this has never been attempted before. (
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Smooth sailing,
Jack Magné
800-841-9137 (9-5 PST)
email: jackatocha@aol.com
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